Helping Farmers to “heel” and “heal”

is the goal of PHARM Dog USATM

P.H.A.R.M Dog USA, Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri, is the brain child of Jackie Allenbrand.  The organization's  goal is to make life easier for farmers and farm family members with disabilities.  Those eligible for services may have any type of disability -- physical, cognitive, or illness-related.  Our services are not limited to Missouri. We do place dogs in other states.

Dogs that provide Service Skills, primarily labs or lab mixes, can be trained to do a variety of helpful tasks such as retrieving or picking up dropped tools, opening a latch gate system, carrying buckets, as well as standing and bracing if a farmer has stability issues, or going for help. 

Herding Dogs
, primarily border collies, help farmers manage their livestock. These dogs are currently donated by a friend and supporter in Plattsburg, Missouri, who helps train both the dogs and farmers. 

PHARM Dog USA works closely with the Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue in Dayton, OH, to obtain service skills dogs.  This rescue shelter has qualified staff who train the dogs in basic obedience and service skills. Here in Missouri, Jackie determines the needs of prospective clients, makes farm assessments, and facilitates placement of the dogs and continued training for the dogs and their new owners.
Banner Photo by Jessica Stewart / St. Joseph News-Press
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